1.Q: How is this beneficial?

The opportunity to learn critical lawyering skills from an experienced trial lawyer is a cost-effective and low risk alternative to learning through trial by fire, and is a better way to protect your clients’ interests. I will use my extensive litigation and teaching experience to help you succeed, both in and out of the courtroom.
Remember, every professional athlete works with a coach, the fact most lawyers don’t – and you do – gives you an enormous advantage.

2.Q: What is your coaching style?

I coach in a relaxed manner, however, I expect my clients to do the work necessary to achieve their goals. Accountability is very important and I hold my clients accountable for what they agree to do. Like most lawyers I generally think in a linear fashion and like to use action steps and a time line to help clients keep on track. I particularly enjoy brainstorming and providing objective feedback.

3.Q: Is coaching confidential?

All coaching is confidential.  As your coach I act as a confidential strategic and tactical advisor.

4.Q: Can I afford to hire a coach?

Absolutely! Coaching is an investment in your career. Without the coaching (and accountability to yourself through the accountability to the coach), you will accomplish less. Hiring me as your coach will increase your confidence and success as a litigator.

5.Q: Isn’t it time to hire me?

No one starts out as a successful trial lawyer. It takes many years of working in courtrooms. In each of those years you improve as you learn the profession. 
If you were thinking to yourself – Why would I expose myself to scrutiny and criticism? True. Nobody likes being corrected; and most of us (if not all of us) hate to be observed and critiqued. But think of the possibilities. – Of how much better you could become.

Step up to the next level – learn the skills & strategies to be a great trial lawyer today – Hire Ms. Wall as your Advocacy Consultant & Skills Coach

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