When you have –”Hit the Wall and Don’t Know What to Do”
Step up to the next level – learn the skills & strategies to be a great trial lawyer.

What is an Advocacy Consultant & Litigation Coach?

A lawyer who is hired, to improve other lawyers’ litigation skills. Lawyers face many challenges in developing and retaining the practical skills necessary to be an effective and successful trial lawyer. Through my coaching, lawyers will improve their skills in advocacy, including: cross-examionation – client interviewing techniques – negotiation – trial strategy – confidence in the courtroom.

The reality of practicing law in the 21st century means the days of training and mentoring by senior lawyers are long gone. Today senior lawyers have incredibly busy caseloads, are involved in intensive marketing plans and must devote hours to client development. Many lawyers have never been taught the skills necessary to be an effective trial lawyer, despite an excellent law school education.  This is why my services are needed. The lack of practical advocacy skills is one of the most significant obstacles to career advancement for trial lawyers. Through my coaching, I will teach you all of the skills you did not learn in law school (or articles).

Continuing legal education programs and other training can provide some of the solutions, but attending a few seminars and reading a few books is not enough to help gain (or retain) the skills and expertise needed. Coaching is a way to bridge the gap, as it will ensure you acquire the skills necessary for your success.

Group training sessions may cost less, however, individual or small group coaching will better allow you to focus on specific skills, and enable you to progress in your career faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Coaching will allow you to become a better lawyer, and therefore, a more confident lawyer.

Coaching Works Because Coaching is Personalized Teaching Which Provides Support, Feedback and Accountability.

Professional athletes work with a coach, the fact most lawyers don’t – and you do – will give you an enormous professional advantage.

Why should you hire an Advocacy Consultant & Litigation Coach?

1. Coaching will help you identify and focus on what skills you really need. I will keep you on track and hold you accountable. For many of us, having someone we answer to motivates us to act.
2. When it comes to building your professional reputation I will help you acquire the skills you need to stand out from the crowd – To differentiate yourself from all of the other trial lawyers.