Q: Who should hire me?

1. Any trial lawyer (Criminal, Civil and Family).
2. Sole-Practitioners.
3. Junior lawyers who are either on their own or not getting sufficient mentoring within their law firms.
4. Senior lawyers who may not have run a trial before or have not been to court recently.
5. Law firms. I provide training and coaching for lawyers working within law firms and under the supervision of that law firm. If requested, I can design training sessions in conjunction with the law firm.
6. Law students. The main function of a law school education is to teach law students to think like lawyers, with the expectation that law firms will teach you how to actually be a lawyer. I will “bridge the gap” between your education and your future practice.
7. Women Trial Lawyers. I work with both male and female lawyers, however, as one of the longest practicing female criminal defence counsel I am aware of and sensitive to some of the unique challenges women face in the courtroom.

Q: Why you should hire me!

As a practicing trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in all levels of court in British Columbia, I offer comprehensive and “real life” strategies ensuring you get the lawyering skills you need, – in the time fame you need them. I am organized, thorough and have decades of “real life”, “real courtroom” and “real teaching” experience. My level of skill, ethics and determination guarantee there is no better coach for trial lawyers.

As an adjunct professor and supervising lawyer and with the UBC Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) and the UBC Criminal Clinic I have years of experience teaching skills such caseload & file management, trial strategies, interviewing, negotiating, cross-examination, client management and courtroom procedures and etiquette.

When you hire me you can have confidence in my Ability because I have been a successful trial lawyer for well over 30 years. – You can have confidence in my Motivation because I care about your goals and I will work tirelessly with you until you strengthen and improve your skills. – You can have confidence in my Credibility because I have an unblemished record of being competent, straightforward and reasonable, earned in thousands of professional appearances.

It is not just about knowing the law – It is about being a better trial lawyer – I have the expertise to teach you the skills you need.